Apply Pressure On This Part Of Your Belly To Remove Toxins From Your Colon?

Did you know that if you apply pressure on this part of your belly, it will help you remove toxins from your colon?

Haven’t we all found ourselves sitting on the toilet trying to get all that waste out from our system? But, there is an easy way to complete bowel movement by applying pressure on this specific point on the belly.

The point I will talk about in this article is called ‘sea of energy’ by those who are experts in acupressure. This ‘magic’ point is found in 3 fingers span under our belly button.

For evident reasons, before you try this trick, make sure to be close to a toilet. Then, simply press this button and take deep breaths while you do it. You should not stop with the pressure until the urge for using the toilet starts. This process may take ten seconds or up to 3 minutes.

According to acupressure therapist, Dr. Michael Reed Gach, this point of the body is responsible for reviving body processes that have healing attributes. With the elimination of the waste from our body we help it heal properly.

There are also other researchers that prove that this pressure is successful when you try to activate your bowel movement. Dr. Michael Reed Gach also points out that not only this will help you with the bowel movement, but also it is good for relieving rectal pain, menstrual pains, digestive problems and also with the gas.

Other ways that can help you poop are:

  • Squatting. The toilets we use require sitting position in order to use them, which is not proper for our bodies. Our body eliminates waste the best when we are in a squatting position.
  • Relaxation. We should not be pushing very hard every time we sit on the toilet. This practice can be very stressful for our body, so much that it can be the reason for the bursting of the bowel or even heart arrhythmia that can end up fatal. Therefore, be patient and do not rush this process.
  • Be active. Every single person must be active if they want a healthy life. Exercises can stimulate the bowel movement and you will eliminate waste without any troubles.
  • Eat more fiber. Eating foods that contain fiber can help you a great deal if you have problems with constipation. When you eat fiber it helps with retaining water in the waste, which makes it softer and easier to eliminate. Foods that contain fiber are prunes, beans, flax seeds, and berries.


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